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Rapid improvement in transportation in Guizhou

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Updated: 2016-03-11

Mountainous Guizhou province expects to see "huge transportation development", according to the head of its transport department, Wang Bingqing, speaking at a press conference at the National People's Congress in Beijing, on March 7, who described how it was the first province in the region to have all 88 of its counties connected to highways by the end of 2015.

Wang says they expect to put 700 billion yuan ($107.5 billion) into road construction over the next five years, with 60-70-percent of that to help impoverished regions to provide a foundation for a better society.

Better transportation conditions in the province are expected to help industrial growth and tourism, especially since the province has attracted 134 of the Fortune Global 500 companies over the past five years.

Wang has also promised to provide environmental protection in the highway construction process to preserve the area's resources, resorts, and water, while it embraces emerging industries such as big data and enhance public services.

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