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As sessions near their conclusion, real work begins

By Zhao Huanxin ( China Daily )

Updated: 2016-03-14

"It should be made compulsory for drivers to pass tests on tricky and bumpy rural roads," Yang said.

Jing Xinhai, another deputy from Shandong, called for a national DNA database to help track missing children, offering a solution to what he lamented was the country's low rate of success in recovering lost children.

Zong Qinghou, a national legislator from the affluent coastal province of Zhejiang, wants to lend a hand to young people who are grappling with housing woes.

"As young men are the key force in realizing the Chinese Dream, the government should guarantee every young family an affordable house, thus addressing one of their fundamental needs," Zong said in his proposal.

And then there's Pan Runlan, from Central China's Hunan province, who said he speaks for the dead and those they leave behind.

"A 24-month salary compensation is offered to the family of deceased public servants and retirees in cities, but not for rural residents," Pan said. "They are all Chinese citizens and must be treated equally."

One of the most stubborn lawmakers in the group may be Wang Mengshu of the NPC's Henan delegation. The academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering has persistently pursued the creation of compulsory standards for tire pressure monitoring systems.

"I first put up the proposal seven years ago, and this is the eighth time I've done this," Wang said.

"I wonder how much more time it will take for the automobile industry authorities to pay attention to my proposal and implement compulsory standards, which are important to the property and safety of the people."

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