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Guizhou political advisors discuss soft power development

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Updated: 2016-03-21

Political advisors from Guizhou province were sharing their ideas on cultural development of things at the just-concluded two sessions in Beijing.

Taking crafts as an example, the president of the provincial federation of literature and art, Gu Jiu, said that, to popularize their colorful culture they need help from all walks of life and that, "Culture with local characteristics and modern value are worth studying and inheriting."

Guizhou has an abundance of ethnic culture, Gu says, noting that they are trying to balance protection and exploitation and are aware of the importance of innovation in cultural development today, "as the most efficient way to inherit", then adds that tradition and ethnic culture need to be revived in modern time, "by integrating ethnic with traditional culture".

Another political advisor and delegate, Jiang Jiegang, says they are focusing on using their culture resources as a kind of "soft power" and as a foundation for a culturally rich province with ethnic characteristics, which are "an advantage and the very soul of Guizhou". Jiang then suggests that they give more importance to saving traditional villages amidst the industrialization and urbanization, while agreeing that they need to promote themselves internationally, including brands, institutions, products and services.

Wang Jing, an NPC delegate, is advocating ethnic craftsmanship innovation, while showing her embroidery and says, "Folk costumes, embroidery, and batik are popular with tourists from China and abroad are precious local items, but people are at the core of protecting this craftsmanship," and says she expects more policies to protect their intellectual property rights and to cultivate talent, and "giving them a chance to focus on craftsmanship to produce better works".

Ouyang Qiansen, a culture expert, says she wants to support diverse cultures to show how colorful Guizhou is with its "mystery and diversity of style", and is calling for better management of the culture market with finance and policy support to produce better works.

For Yao Xiaoying, an NPC deputy representing literature and art, says, "Reading helps with cultural inheritance and represents social improvement," and adds that she is impressed by rural people's desire for a more spiritual life, and, "We'll expand our reading activities to impoverished areas to help children left behind by parents going off to work and for the aged." Yao, who is the president of the Guizhou Literature and Art Federation, says she has observed, during her study and research, that volunteers' efforts to increase reading have a limited influence, so she hopes to "make good use of cultural centers in towns and villages".

Guizhou's diversifying and flourishing culture, under the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20), is looking for greater development and increasing attention.

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