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Guizhou and South Korea work on emerging industries

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Updated: 2016-03-25

Guizhou province opened a conference on investment partnering for key industries with South Korea, in Beijing, on March 22, to push emerging industries such as big data, as well as automobile parts and equipment, attracting a number of manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

The vice director of Guizhou's business office, Ma Lei, was on hand to describe their investment environment and attract business people from South Korea, by noting that, "It should catch the latest opportunity in today's Guizhou."

Ma went on to say that Guizhou has the best environment with 80 percent forest coverage and significant development in traditional and emerging industries, such as Moutai baijiu (white spirit), big data and the health care industry and that South Korea has the top technology for electronics goods and vehicles, which could complement Guizhou's situation with its abundant resources on tourism.

In response, one Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency official remarked, "There is immense potential for cooperation since we saw a 345-percent increase in trade with Guizhou in 2014."

Adding to this, Zhang Yuzhong, vice-director of the Ministry of Commerce's investment promotion affairs, told the conference that the China - South Korea Free Trade Agreement signed last year will bring many benefits to China and South Korea, and, "China and South Korea will have bright development opportunities in investment cooperation."

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