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Unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured in Guizhou

By Li Xiaoxu ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-04-06

First 200 Unmanned aerial vehicle for agricultural use will be exported to Laos at the end of this year.

With popularity on its shape and high quality on its function, unmanned aerial vehicle are very well for large farming planting. Finally, Guizhou has the capacity for manufactured this production.

On April 1st, the first unmanned aerial vehicle has been assembled and put into trial. A factory of TianYing Brother, located in Guiyang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, undertakes this project.

According to their planning, this 200 unmanned aerial vehicles will be exported to Laos, and this transaction should be concluded at the end of this year.

TianYing Brother Group is a hi-tech corporation, contributing for designation , developing and production of accurate spraying for agricultural use. It has full and modern facilities such as information center, R&D, educational department for new skills training.

With subsidiaries in Jiangxi, Anhui and Heilongjiang, it has great potentials for this project. Registered at the early of this year, TianYing Brother Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Corporation for Technological Innovation, has set strategic goal of serving for markets in southwest between China and Asian areas, playing well the role on exporting unmanned aerial vehicles.

It is said that investment on the first 200 unmanned aerial vehicles exceeds 20 million. The mode for TY-787 has the capacity for working (400-500 mu, a unit area, approximate for 0.0607 hectares) equaling to 50 manual laborers' work. With its well distributed irrigation, it can save 30%-40% pesticide, and improve the efficiency of extermination of disease and insect pest. Adopting this kind of agricultural tool, we can descend the degree pollution of pesticide residues, and make high harvest on crops, which will especially benefit for Laos's rubber and tobacco.

"We have many favored policies for exporting this mode of production, and related regulations at Free Trade Zone are suitable for exploring for overseas markets," said Li Caisheng, the founder of the corporation.

This project will be finished in three periods. First, assembling, trial, promotion, training, on unmanned aerial vehicles. Second , joint effort with institutions for establishing and carrying out research and development on unmanned aerial vehicles. Third, utilizing priority and favored policies in Guiyang, and developing our trades in international markets.

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