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Guiyang alcohol summit releases industry report

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Updated: 2016-09-14

The sixth annual meeting of the World Alcoholic Beverage Alliance (WABA) took place in Guiyang, Guizhou province, on Sept 10.

The organization is the first official global alcoholic beverage organization and representatives of some of the world’s best-known alcohol brands gathered to release a development report for the 2016 alcohol industry.

The report was positive with the world’s alcohol industry entering into a phase of gradual growth. The report included detailed development status, a prosperity index, and highlighted major risks for alcoholic products such as wines and beers. The quality of China’s imported and exported spirits in 2016 was also included in the report.

The meeting also drew attention to a selection of quality enterprises as conferred by China Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association. Among those awarded were four Guizhou companies.

WABA was established in Guiyang in September 2014. The Alliance aims to create cooperation between a range of companies engaged in the alcohol industry for the purposes of growth and sustainability.

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