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Qianxinan mountain tourism website launches for trial run

By Ge Jieru ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-09-21

The English website for the Qianxinan Mountain tourism began trial operation on Sept 14.

The website is sponsored by the 2016 International Conference of Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports organizing committee, and aims to present users a fresh image and detailed overview of Guizhou's mountain tourism industry.

The website's dominant use of green and blue color is representative of the mountains and clear sky. From the website, users can find the introduction of Qianxinan's tourism sites including Wanfeng Forest and Wanfeng Lake. Other information including culture and investment can be also found from the website for the convenience of foreign users.

The website seeks to promote the global awareness of Qianxinan and its rich tourism resources.

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