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Guiyang residents most active in China, Tencent finds

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2017-01-06

People in Guiyang, Guizhou province walk further each day than residents in any other city in China, according to a new report released by the Chinese tech giant Tencent.

The findings published in Tencent’s report, The Report of Chinese Exercise, are based on data collected on the company’s fitness app QQ Exercise over the course of 2016.

Tencent found that Guiyang residents take on average 5,941 steps a day, much higher than the national average of 5,112 steps.

People in South China also seem to be much more active than those in the north. Among the top 30 most active cities on the list, 20 are located south of the Yangtze River. The capital Beijing languished in 25th place on the list.

The report also suggests that young people prefer to exercise indoors, while people born before 1990 are more inclined to take exercise in parks or other outdoor spaces.

The most popular types of exercise were vigorous walking and running, which together accounted for more than 60 percent of the total workouts recorded.

Edited by Owen Fishwick

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