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Rape flowers blooms in winter

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2017-01-10

Rape flowers blooms in winter

Rape flowers at Wanfeng Forest scenic spot in Xingyi come into bloom early. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

Thanks to the recent warm air which has blown through southwestern China, rape flowers have sprung into bloom earlier than usual in Wangfeng Forest in Xingyi city.

The forest, which grows at the foot of a range of karst mountains, stretches 6,000 mu (400 hectares), and is currently filled with the gold and green flowers.

Rape flowers don’t usually come into bloom until February.

In 2015, the government encouraged farmers to grow rape flowers because of their high yield and profitability. So far, 4,000 households in the area have engaged in the business.

When rape flowers ripen, their seeds can be squeezed to make oil, another income for growers in addition to the income brought in by tourism. The flowers also provide pollen for the local bee keeping industry.

Rape flowers blooms in winter

A carpet of rape flowers lie at foot of the mountains, in Wanfeng Forest, Xingyi. [Photo/ldqxn.com]

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