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Professionals seek opportunities at Guizhou convention

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Updated: 2017-03-17

A range of new policies to promote the economic development of Guizhou province will be unveiled at the 5th Guizhou Professionals Convention to be held in the capital, Guiyang, on March 25 and 26, according to the province’s information office.

The convention, which will be held at the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center, aims to recruit professionals of high standard for Guizhou’s ambitious plan for an economic take-off. New policies covering specific sectors will be announced at the convention, along with plans for the distribution of green cards for new overseas signings.

The new policies will build on the progress made by previous conferences which have attracted 7,000 domestic and overseas professionals to the province. Approximately 2,500 elites with medical degrees have been employed after four previous conventions, making up 60 percent of the doctors in Guizhou province.

For this convention, about 2,000 companies have offered up to 14,200 vacancies, half of which in specialized areas such as poverty alleviation, big data, health, tourism, mountain high-efficiency agriculture, new building materials and finance.

Statistics suggest that more than 270 professionals with doctorates and many elites from the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be attending the convention in the hope of finding opportunities to start a business.

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