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Green rabbits crowd the streets of Guiyang

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Updated: 2017-03-21

Green rabbits crowd the streets of Guiyang
Quick to bicycles wait for customers in Guiyang. [Photo/gywb.cn]

Quick to, an online-to-offline bike-sharing enterprise, has recently put more bicycles onto the roads of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, taking the number of bikes with the green rabbit logo there to over 10,000.

The bike-sharing service provides a new solution to a transport problem known colloquially as the “last three miles”, referring to dilemmas in terminal transport in Guiyang, a mountain city.

“Citizens in Guiyang have been making great demands on the bike-sharing service,” said Qiu Lin, the CEO of Quick to.

According to Qiu Lin, more than 100,000 Guiyang citizens have registered on a Quick to mobile application in the past two months, with an average of 1.2 uses per capita. The total distance ridden on Quick to in the city has reached 600,000 kilometers, which is equal to 5,000 laps of Guiyang’s beltways. Use of the bike-sharing service has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 35 tons, an amount which would take 700 trees 10 years to absorb.

Quick to bicycles cost only one yuan (14 cents) for every 30 minutes. Citizens can also reserve a bicycle in advance. To better serve riders, baskets are attached to Quick to bicycles to hold personal belongings. For safety reasons, the bicycles are equipped with solid tires with fluorescent security lines, which glow at night.

“I believe that in the future more and more people will become keen on the bike-sharing service provided by Quick to,” said Qiu Lin.

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