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Guiyang to host big data exposition

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Updated: 2017-03-21

The 2017 China Big Data Industry Exposition has set up fourteen themed sub-forums, according to the exposition committee in Guizhou province.

Sharing new technologies and products and predicting future trends in big data development, the exposition will be held in late May in the provincial capital of Guiyang.

Big data, e-commerce and intelligent manufacturing enterprises have being invited to the provincial capital of Guiyang to share new technologies, products and their predications of future trends in big data development at the exposition being held in late May. More than seventy percent of the booths have been reserved by world famous big data enterprises, including DELL, Synopsys, Oracle, Qualcomm, Huawei, Tencent and Alibaba.

Forums at the 2017 China Big Data Industry Exposition will consist of communications on national big data pilot zones, the digital economy, block chain applications in the monetization of the internet, data sharing, artificial intelligence, data security and intelligent manufacturing.

Digital economy experts will also discuss the application of big data in social administration, such as innovations in market-oriented economies, social security, welfare, educational informationization and urban planning.

Three forums will be held to discuss innovations in block chain technology and relative rules when it comes to block chain application in the monetization of the internet. Potential bugs and threats of big data, big data security and privacy protection will also be studied at the exposition.

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