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Guizhou opens 'green channel' for top foreign talent

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Updated: 2017-04-26

Guizhou province implemented a new work permit system for foreigners on April 1 that will make it easier, quicker and more convenient for top overseas talent to get registered in the Southwest China province.

Instead of applying for the Foreign Expert Certificate and the Alien Employment Permit, foreign workers in Guizhou now only need to get one document: The Foreigner Work Permit.

Applicants can apply for the work permit through Chinese embassies and consulates overseas, while those who have already entered China can apply from within the country.

Through the newly introduced “green channel”, top talent can now apply, extend and cancel their work permits within just five working days. It is also now possible for some highly qualified candidates to obtain work permits of up to five years in duration.

Documents needed to apply for the permit include a work permit notification form from the applicant’s intended employer in China, a valid passport, and any relevant qualification certificates.

Foreigners working for central work units in Guizhou or Guizhou provincial institutions must apply for their permits via the Guizhou Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in Guiyang city, the capital of Guizhou province.

Those employed in other areas can apply through the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in the relevant city, autonomous prefecture or Gui’an New Area. The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Gui’an New Area can also be used.

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