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Left-behind children in Guizhou wear bracelets for security

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Updated: 2017-04-26

Left-behind children in Guizhou wear bracelets for security

Left-behind children make Chinese dumplings in Qianxinan Autonomous Prefecture in southwest Guizhou province. [Photo/news.k618.cn]

The Civil Affairs Bureau of Qianxinan autonomous prefecture in southwest Guizhou province is providing rural left-behind children in primary schools with intelligent bracelets for dynamic monitoring of their security with the help of big data and a fund of more than four million yuan ($580,433).

Since last year, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qianxinan has constructed a tripartite network involving governments, schools and families for the children’s protection. The basic information of some left-behind children has been recorded into a management system.

The system links up autonomous prefectures, counties, townships and villages. Departments like the Youth League committee and the Women's Federation work jointly to monitor the security of left-behind children and children with special needs.

Statistics up to April 18, 2017 suggest that of 126 towns and subdistrict offices in Qianxinan, 76 have recorded information about a total of 32,044 such children.

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