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Sleepless Guiyang in pictures

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Updated: 2017-07-14

When night falls on Guiyang, neon lights ignite the capital city of Guizhou province.

For its beautiful nightscape, joyful nightlife and busy night fairs, Guiyang was recently listed among the top 10 sleepless cities of 2017 in China by the China Institute of City Competitiveness.

Here is a selection of photographs showcasing the charming city at night.

Sleepless Guiyang in pictures

The traditional Chinese-style Jiaxiu Tower stands on the glistening Nanming River in the downtown Guiyang. [Photo/news.gog.cn]

Sleepless Guiyang in pictures

Zhucheng Square, the iconic landmark, turns gold as the city is illuminated at night. [Photo/news.gog.cn]

Sleepless Guiyang in pictures

The top of Qianling Mount provides the best panoramic view of Guiyang. [Photo/news.gog.cn]

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