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Guiyang launches mobile payments promotion month

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Updated: 2017-08-09

The mobile payment promotion month was launched at in Qingyan Ancient Town of Guiyang, Guizhou province, on Aug 6, unveiling a new mobile payment service from Guiyang Public Traffic Company.

"People only need to install the mobile app Guizhoutong, developed by local company CECurs Credit Service Co Ltd, and then scan the QR codes on buses to pay the transit fees via mobile," shared Sun Lin, general manager of Guiyang Public Traffic Company.

Apart from public transit, mobile payments for parking, travelling and medical services will also be promoted in Guiyang throughout the month.

Guiyang aims to become a cashless city over the next one or two years, bringing benefit to its residents through new financial services with the help of big data technology, said Vice-Mayor Wang Yuxiang.

Guiyang launches mobile payments promotion month

People can install the mobile app Guizhoutong to pay public transit fees with their cellphones. [Photo by Li Yu/gz.people.cn]

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