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Sino-ASEAN mingling to forge closer bonds

By Yang Jun in Guiyang ( China Daily )

Updated: 2017-08-16

Vietnamese students enjoy time at Chinese university

After more than three years at Guizhou Minzu University, Luong Nguyen Hai Nam, a Vietnamese student, has fallen in love with the land, the sour fish soup and the local culture.

Sino-ASEAN mingling to forge closer bonds


"Guizhou is my second hometown. I hope to spend my life here after finishing my studies," says Luong, 21.

He got a letter of admission from the university in 2013, giving him a first-class scholarship with a waiver of tuition fees, free accommodation and a 1,000 yuan ($150) monthly stipend.

Studying abroad is a challenge for a high school graduate, especially considering the language barrier and cultural differences. But he felt enthusiastic when he got to Guiyang, the provincial capital.

"My teachers were at the airport to pick us," says Luong, who can now speak Chinese fluently.

Luong, who is majoring in human resources management, says he hopes he can get a good job in Guizhou after graduation, with his proficiency in Chinese.

Xia Jingang, the deputy dean of the school of international education at Guizhou Minzu University, says the school works hard to help international students to adapt and study.

There are currently more than 200 students from ASEAN countries - including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar - studying at the university.

Hoawg Xuan Truong, also from Vietnam and a junior student at the university, says the ASEAN students and their Chinese classmates and teachers often gather and cook meals during weekends.

"This lets us taste other Asian dishes on campus and share our thoughts, as well as make friends from different countries," says the 28-year-old.

Hoawg says the gatherings have enhanced their understanding of different cultures.

According to Xia, activities are also held during local festivals to make them feel at home.

Luong says he has visited most cities in Guizhou in his spare time and communicated with the local people, and this has taught him a lot about Chinese culture.

He says he wants to be a bridge between China and his country.

"I will tell people about what I saw and heard and I hope to enhance mutual understanding."

Xia, for his part, says: "We will organize cultural activities twice a year in which these students can mingle with Chinese people."

Dong Xianwu contributed to the story.


Sino-ASEAN mingling to forge closer bonds

(China Daily 08/16/2017 page18)

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