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Natural air conditioner: cool cave breezes in Guizhou

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Updated: 2017-08-17

Cengong county in Guizhou province has a magical cave that generates cool breezes all year round, local media reported on Aug 9.

Located in Siyang town, Shuanglong village, the cave, at 1.8 meters high and three meters wide, is shaped like a gourd ladle. Cold winds with a temperature of only 15 C emanate from the cave in summer.

A local legend tells that a dragon lives in the cave and constantly breathes out the cool winds.

Actually, the cave is situated in an obvious karst landform. Water inside the cave, coming from deep underground, is clear and cold with a constant temperature of 15 C.

Yang Zaixi, a village official, made an educated guess about the origins of the wind. "The underground river knocks on the rocks and produces the cold wind at the entrance of the cave," he said.

Natural air conditioner: cool cave breezes in Guizhou

Yang Zaixi shows the location of the cave. [Photo by Yang Zhengquan/news.gog.cn]

Further research has yet to be conducted to discern the scientific cause of the wind.

Within a 500-meter radius are around more than 100 caves of different sizes, providing a great potential for promoting local tourism.

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