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Moutai University enrolls first students

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Updated: 2017-09-13

Moutai University enrolls first students

The Moutai University is located in the renowned "liquor capital" Renhuai in Guizhou province. [Photo by Zhou Yuangang/xinhuanet.com]

To change the situation, Moutai Group decided to set up a university to cultivate liquor-making talents.

Moutai Group has invested 1.88 billion yuan ($276.6 million) in the university since 2012, deciding to pour 1 percent of its annual sales into the university to develop future staff.

So far, the university has recruited 376 lecturers and professors. Meanwhile, Moutai Group will invite 39 senior professionals, such as national brewmasters, national liquor tasting judges and senior winemaking engineers, from the company to serve as practical instructors at the university.

In response to Guizhou province's strategy of highlighting education, Moutai Group has been actively supporting the education industry.

Apart from building its own university, Moutai Group has also donated more than 500 million yuan in five years to support poverty-stricken students, helping more than 100,000 students complete their education in colleges and universities.

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