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Geographical indication products reap 60b yuan for Guizhou

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Updated: 2017-10-13

One hundred and eighteen products in Guizhou province have received geographical indication titles, generating nearly 60 billion yuan ($9.1 billion) per annum, according to a press conference held on Oct 11 in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province.

Statistics show that the amount of products is three times more than the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010), ranking 4th in China.

The products cover most of Guizhou's traditional competitive industries, including wine, tea, Chinese herbal medicine, fruits and vegetables, cereals and oils, livestock, processed foods and crafts.

In June this year, Guizhou's first demonstration zone was approved in Duyun, increasing the area of tea plantations from 485,700 mu (97,140 hectares) to 1.51 million mu. Duyun's tea plantations gained an income of 7.45 billion yuan, with an included export volume of 110 million yuan from the establishment of the zone.

At present, world-famous geographical indication products in Guizhou include Moutai spirit and Duyun tea.

To promote the protection of geographical indication products, the province is striving to increase the amount of products to 150 and build five state-level demonstration zones by 2020.

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