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Guizhou opens door to ASEAN countries

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Updated: 2017-12-07

Guizhou-ASEAN Industrial Park opened to the public in Liupanshui city, Guizhou province, on Dec 4. Located in Hongguo Economic Development Zone in Liupanshui, Guizhou-ASEAN Industrial Park will play a vital role in connecting ASEAN countries and Guizhou.

The park has five functional areas including an exhibition area of ASEAN commodity, exhibition area of Guizhou featured commodity, area for communication and cooperation, e-commerce incubator and service area of travel agencies. It is expected to be a demonstration park for Guizhou's exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries.

Liupanshui abuts Southwest China's major provinces, serving as an important path to ASEAN regions.

In recent year, the city took its transportation advantages to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries. Liupanshui and ASEAN countries have continuously held two international cooperation forums regarding mountain tourism, equipment manufacturing and modern agriculture.

In recent years, delegations from ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma and Laos have visited Liupanshui. Meanwhile, Liupanshui went out to introduce its ethnic culture, tourism resources, industrial projects to ASEAN countries.

The city also plans to attract logistics enterprises from ASEAN countries to establish a transit hub for their future trades and businesses.

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