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Danzhai's tourism town welcomes its 22nd 'Rotating Mayor'

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Updated: 2017-12-15

The town offers more than 20 attractions theamed intangible cultural heritages, including traditional papermaking, Miao golden pheasant dance, Miao wax printing, musicaldemonstrations and traditional non-lethal bullfighting, which are staged every day in the small town.

Tourism alone has created more than 2,000 jobs for local residents, such as Huang Guilin, 28, a saleswoman for Danzhai Danlong Craft Technological Development Co Ltd who sells locally-made bird cages in Wanda town.

"The birdcages are made by Kala villagers who have inherited the traditional skills," Huang said. "Both the villagers and the company benefit from the tourism town."

Danzhai's tourism town welcomes its 22nd 'Rotating Mayor'

Handmade bird cages in Danzhai County attract tourists with their beautiful craftsmanship. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Regional agriculture is also benefiting from the opening of Wanda tourism town. An agricultural cooperative in Xingren town, managed by Wang Guibang, produces especially nutritious green-shell eggs, and sells 30 to 40 percent of them to the Wanda site in Danzhai.

As the former leader of the US-China Business Council, Dr. Robert Kapp has already helped strengthen economic cooperation between China and the United States over the many years. Drawing from his experience, he put education at the top of his agenda as "Rotating Mayor.". Speaking to students at the new Guizhou Wanda Career Technical College in Danzhai, Kapp shared some of his experiences and offered his thoughts on Danzhai Wanda town's international potential.

After his visit to the town, Dr. Kapp said that Wanda Poverty Alleviation Mode would make a good effort to reduce poverty and observed that it may well have long-term development after integrating with local geographical conditions, cultures and customs. The Rotating Mayor Program will continue to encourage Danzhai's development, relieve impoverished people, and share the town's remarkable culture with the outside world.


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