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Guizhou Chamber of Commerce expands international exchanges

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Updated: 2018-01-10

Southwest China's Guizhou province expanded their international economic exchanges in 2017, as the province's Chamber of Commerce established new branches in Thailand, the Netherlands, the state of Oregon in the US, and Switzerland last year.

According to the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Guizhou, the province currently has 26 overseas chambers of commerce, located in 23 different countries.

Since 2013, the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Guizhou and the provincial Party Committee have successively promoted the establishment of the Guizhou Chamber of Commerce in dozens of countries and regions. The Chamber of Commerce is now Guizhou's main platform for communicating and cooperating with other countries.

The Chamber of Commerce and overseas Chinese play an active role in recommending Guizhou to the outside world, in order to strengthen tourism, economic, technological, and cultural cooperation between the province and other countries.

Through their strong efforts, enterprise investment in Guizhou has increased. As a result, more and more Guizhou enterprises and products are heading abroad and expanding the overseas market along the Belt and Road.

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