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Bookstore commemorates the Long March

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Updated: 2018-01-10

In commemoration of the Communist Party of China's Long March, a courageous 9,000-km journey made by the Red Army in order to escape defeat from the opposing Kuomintang, a bookstore has adorned itself with memorabilia relating to the event.

Located near the site of the Zunyi conference in Zunyi city, Guizhou province, the 24-hour bookstore has put some 30,000 books on display focusing on the historic retreat.

Straw sandals, kettles, bayonets, and horns adorn the bookshelves, giving customers the chance to relive history and soak in a unique atmosphere as they browse the bookstore's expansive selection.

Bookstore commemorates the Long March

Old-style lamps and teapots are placed on the table at the 24-hour bookstore in Zunyi, Guizhou province. [Photo by Luo Xinghan/Xinhua]

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