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Chinese embroidery makes a splash on British high street

By Li You ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2018-02-02

A group of Chinese embroidery masters presented their craft in London's central business district on Dec 7, showcasing the intricate techniques that can be found in traditional Chinese culture.

The event took place at House of Fraser, a British department store located on Oxford Street.

Besides the embroidery craft on show, organizers also brought more than 40 sets of exquisite embroidery clothes co-designed by Chinese and British designers and staged a fashion show.

The craftswomen embroidered the handmade cloth threaded with patterns of birds, flowers and totems, attracting a group of British customers who decided to buy the artworks as Christmas gifts.

For most of the embroiderers, who are of the Miao and Dong ethnic groups, it was the first time they had traveled outside their hometowns in Guizhou province's autonomous prefecture.

Long Lingxiang, 50, was very excited about the trip. Many embroiderers in her hometown have inherited their skills from generation to generation, she told Xinhua News Agency.

Before taking part in the event, Long used to make clothes for local people, but after her experience in the UK she wishes to make more fashionable products, she said.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom, to boost cultural communication between the two countries.

"China has plenty of creative resources while Britain has the ability to transform creative resources into products," said Yu Qun, assistant minister of culture, at the event.

"Today, we are here to build bridges between traditional Chinese handicrafts and British designers. I believe the mutual exchanges will bring new inspiration for cooperation in the creative industry between the two countries."

After watching the exhibition and fashion show, Burberry Chairman John Peace said: "It is very impressive that today's collection was finished in one month.

"The clothing and exhibits were made from good fabrics and in an exquisite design and distinct style, embodying the essence of Chinese elegance."

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