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Guiyang buses now accept cell phone payment

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Updated: 2018-02-05

Taking buses in Guiyang just got a whole lot easier. Residents are now able to use their cell phones to conveniently scan a QR code when boarding the bus, instead of dealing with troublesome IC cards, said Guiyang Bus Group on Jan 29.

Guiyang buses now accept cell phone payment

Passengers are able to scan their QR code to pay for buses in Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province. [Photo/www.gog.cn]

There are currently 500 buses and 37 routes with QR-code functionality. Guiyang Bus Group will upgrade the remainder of buses by March 2018. Modified payment machines not only support the traditional IC card but also the Cloud card, a kind of payment made via mobile phones.

Guiyang buses now accept cell phone payment

Payment machines will scan the QR code on passengers' mobile phones before they board the bus. [Photo/www.gog.cn]

According to Liu Kaigui, vice-general manager of Guiyang Bus Group, Cloud card is divided into two modes, payment by NFC (Near Field Communication) or payment by QR code.

Previously, Guiyang buses also supported NFC payment, but it was only an option for mobile phone users with NFC functionality. QR code payment is supported by all smartphones.

After downloading the Guizhoutong app, passengers can register and top up Cloud cards. When taking the bus, the app will generate a QR code for payment. The Cloud card also enjoys a 10 percent discount compared to the IC card.

It is extremely convenient for passengers to download and use the Guizhoutong app, with clear instructions posted on all buses, bus stops and ticket offices.

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