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Guian's vocie at national two sessions

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Updated: 2018-03-10

"Guizhou is a national key battle ground against poverty and Guizhou's private enterprises should take the responsibility to help the province get rid of poverty, such as by way of advancing the development of big data," said Huo Tao, chairman of Guizhou Baishan Cloud Co Ltd at a news conference in Beijing.

The 2018 National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Annual Legislative and Political Advisory Sessions are underway in Beijing from Mar 3 to 20. An open press day of the Guizhou NPC deputies, including Huo Tao, was held on March 8.

"Guizhou established China's first assessment system for the incorporation of big data and the entity economy and has nurtured 10 public platforms for the two, which advanced the new leapfrog development and brought us a lot of development opportunity," Huo added in his speech.

Guian's vocie at national two sessions
Huo Tao gives a speech at the open press day of Guizhou NPC deputies on March 8.

He also stressed that building big data ecology and advancing entity economic upgrading and transformation is of great importance.

During the meeting, Huo shared his views on how private enterprises effectively help fight against poverty through big data development. "Innovation should stimulate the industrial development to relieve poverty," he said.

Big data development in Guizhou is in a transition toward deep processing centered on software from an extensive one represented by big data centers, Huo pointed out.

He also suggested that talents should give full play to big data’s potential in poverty-relief and private enterprises should attract more talents to improve the quality and extent of poverty-relief through technology.

"An improved legal system is also important for big data development and would prompt economic digitalization," said Huo.

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