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Guizhou adapts big data to improve logistics efficiency

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Updated: 2018-08-08

At Guiyang Huochebang Technology Company, thanks to big data technology, over 5 million items of freight source information are rolling across the screens every day, matching drivers with cargo.

With the help of the app developed by the company, approximately 5.2 million drivers can be matched with 1.25 million cargo owners, improving the efficiency of logistics.

Due to the app, the waiting time for cargo distribution has been shortened from 3-5 days to 0.5-1 day, saving 86 billion yuan ($12.6 billion) in fuel costs and reducing carbon emissions by 46 million tons.

On Guizhou's public information platform for transportation and logistics, logistics information, cargo statistical analysis tables, and real-time information on cargo and cargo flow are available.

The platform was launched last year and is linked with data from leading logistics companies. The government and companies can refer to analyses provided by the platform to make policy and operation decisions.

According to data, the platform helped deliver 15.9 million tons of freight and 13.27 billion tons of cargo last year, with coal and coal-related products, miner construction materials and steel being the top three cargo categories.

The traffic volume of freight cars on the expressway in Guizhou last year was 49.17 million vehicles, an increase of 18.22 percent over the same period the year before, while the average daily traffic was over 130,000 vehicles, higher than the national average of 10,000 per day.

The total freight volume on the expressway reached 260.82 million tons last year, an increase of 17.92 percent over the same period the year before.

The total volume of expressway freight and cargo turnover has increased by 9.2 percent and 12.6 percent, respectively, during the first half of this year. The improvement in logistics efficiency is the highest in the nation, saving 29.2 billion yuan in real economy.

Big data helped eliminate the "isolated island of information" problem in the logistics industry, improved logistics efficiency and reduced logistics costs by linking transportation capacity with cargo supply, said He Ding, deputy director of the Guizhou Road Transport Bureau.

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