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Guizhou achieves rapid development of provision for the aged

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Updated: 2018-08-10

In order to deal with its aging population, Guizhou has been taking various measures to promote the integrated development of medical care and provisions for the elderly since 2016, with successful results.

To enhance communication and information exchange, nine departments of the Guizhou government established a joint meeting system to implement the integration of medical care and provisions for the elderly.

Guizhou has allocated special funds for medical care and provisions for the elderly integration experimental units since 2017. Based on the needs of the elderly, the units developed an experimental proposal and will be led by working groups from local government.

Guizhou encourages schools and nursing institutions to work together to develop multi-functional health preservation complexes. Currently 25 institutions have been identified as medical care and provisions for the elderly experimental units.

In addition, Guizhou encourages qualified nursing institutions to set up rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, hospice care institutions and infirmaries and to cooperate with medical and health organizations.

There are currently 958 nursing institutions in Guizhou cooperating with medical and health organizations, while 396 have infirmaries or self-run hospitals.

Ninety percent of nursing institutions are able to provide medical and health services for the elderly, while 97 percent of medical and health organizations have set up green channels for the elderly to seek medical treatment.

Guizhou has explored an innovative model of caring for the elderly by integrating accommodation, health preservation, medical treatment, nursing and health preservation.

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