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App brings convenience to residents of Guizhou

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Updated: 2018-08-14

Guizhou province launched an internet-based app known as Gopay in 2014 in an attempt to improve the livelihood of its residents. It has since become the best service platform in the region.

Gopay has 1.26 million registered users and a total transaction value of over 750 million yuan ($109.1 million) during the past four years.

It overcame numerous technical difficulties and successfully integrated different fee collection systems from different departments in order to allow citizens pay fees online instead of lining up to pay different fees in different banks.

App brings convenience to residents of Guizhou
Residents can download Gopay to pay fees and search information. [Photo/gog.cn]

Besides fee payment, the platform also provides services in government affairs, social insurance, public transportation, and tourism.

Gopay plans to provide full service coverage in urban and rural areas within the next two to three years.

It will also add other functions such as identity card application, tax service, withdrawal and transfer of public accumulation funds, and birth permission certificate application.

Based on big data technology, the platform will set up a warning system to guarantee data security and internet monitoring and publish big data white papers for better social governance and public service.

App brings convenience to residents of Guizhou
The operation interface of Gopay changes according to demand. [Photo/gog.cn]

By fully utilizing big data, Gopay can not only provide targeted livelihood services, but also provide effective data reference and support for the government to make policy decisions.

With the integration of Internet Plus, Big Data Plus and real economy, Gopay is able to gradually build up a mature internet service ecosphere and contribute to the development of big data in Guizhou.

App brings convenience to residents of Guizhou
Research and develop staff brainstorm how to optimize Gopay. [Photo/gog.cn]

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