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Guiyang furthers big data development via youth

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2018-08-29

In Guiyang, Guizhou province, elementary, secondary, and senior school students will welcome a brand new class — artificial intelligence (AI) – when the new semester launches in late August.

Textbooks titled Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for different grades will be used for students at five grade in primary schools, first grade in middle schools, and second grade in high schools across the city.

Co-compiled by the Guiyang Education Bureau and the Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers, the serial textbook is based on the publisher's reliable information on AI and big data.

A special team comprised of R&D and technical experts on AI and big data from the Chinese Sciences Academy, as well as Guiyang teachers, also helped compile the books.

In the book, real-life examples are included to provide students with a more complete picture, giving them better insights into technology, environment, culture, economy, social responsibility, civilization, business, psychology, and FAST, the world's largest radio telescope located in Guizhou.

Students can find most information related to big data from a variety of resources, including comic strips, book games, and case studies.

Li Hanyi contributed to the story.

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