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Guizhou applies big data in agricultural industry

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Updated: 2018-08-29

In order to further develop agricultural production and marketing, Guizhou recently adapted big data technology and established a green agricultural products distribution center in Guian New Area to increase distribution efficiency.

The center can handle up to 10,000 metric tons of agricultural products. Equipped with 55 electric vehicles, it can distribute 300 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to university canteens in Guian in a single trip.

Relying on a big data platform for agricultural production and marketing, the center can track agricultural product distribution data all the way from the field to the customer.

The big data platform mainly provides supply and demand matching, storage and logistics distribution, and backend management analysis services for farmers and customers.

Currently, the center has signed agreements with over 20 cooperatives in Guian and dispatches 300 distribution cars per day.

Meanwhile, it helps low income families by purchasing from local villages to promote the development of the agricultural industry, reduce unemployment and provide distribution channels for agricultural products.

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