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Guizhou invests huge in livelihood projects

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Updated: 2018-08-31

According to the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Guizhou has invested 132.892 billion yuan ($19.5 billion) into "1+7" livelihood projects and 51.923 billion yuan into the 10 livelihood practical works between January and July this year.

The "1+7" livelihood project includes eight key livelihood projects in Guizhou, involving areas of poverty alleviation, education, employment, entrepreneurship, health, culture, social insurance, renovation of old and dangerous buildings, environmental regulation and public security.

The 10 livelihood practical works seek to improve the livelihood of residents by focusing on poverty alleviation, education, medical health guarantee, employment and entrepreneurship, production and living conditions in underdeveloped areas, environmental protection, disaster prevention and damage reduction, fundamental public services and public security.

Guizhou has allocated 148.594 billion yuan for "1+7" livelihood projects, and 52.525 billion yuan for the 10 livelihood practical works. Among which, 80 percent of the planned investment for poverty alleviation and social insurance projects has been completed, while 50 percent of the planned investment for other projects has been completed.

For rural and underdeveloped areas, Guizhou has upgraded toilets for 374,400 families and added 3,231 village level toilets, 704 tourism toilets and 478 community toilets.

The affordable housing project will benefit 251,500 urban and rural families, while the rural dangerous house reconstruction project will benefit 206,400 families.

Guizhou has also constructed 49 affordable supermarkets, 216 village-level comprehensive environmental improvement projects, and improved 7,735 kilometers of rural highways, exceeding the 5,000-kilometer target.

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