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Guizhou youth top entrepreneurs on Taobao

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Updated: 2018-09-25

Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao and the research institute CBNData jointly released their 2018 Report of Youth Creativity in China on Sept 16. The report has named young people in Southwest China's Guizhou province as the most prolific in starting businesses on the popular website.

More than two million post-nineties youth have started businesses on Taobao, with the places of Guizhou, Ningxia, Hainan, Tibet and Yunnan boasting the most entrepreneurs.

Wang Fengchui, a post-nineties seamstress from Wangmo county in Guizhou province, opened an online shop on Taobao in January. Products in her shop feature the traditional weaving crafts of the Bouyei ethnic group.

Her shop now employs more than 20 people to make original handicraft products.

With the growth of Guizhou youth creativity, the unique cultural heritage of the province is gaining attention from around the country. A search for "Guizhou" on Taobao's homepage will reveal Guizhou agricultural products such as Zunyi chili, Shuicheng mutton rice noodles and Xiuwen kiwi fruit.

According to the report, more than 10,000 original design shops were opened on Taobao in the past year by young people. Most of these shops were related to clothing, culture, ornaments and household industries.

Zhao Yandi contributed to this story.

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