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China Skyrunner unveils second leg in Guizhou

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Updated: 2018-09-26

Enjoying the songs and rhyme on the Ancient Tea Horse Road, the second round of "Wucai Jinsha Huahai Bijie", Hualing Cup, China Skyrunner, 2018 JINSHA GUIZHOU International Challenge Competition which has attracted attention from many amateurs of cross-country race, was held in Houshan Town, Jinsha County, Bijie City, Guizhou province from Sept 22 to 23.

The competition altogether attracted 83 domestic and overseas cross-country running athletes and 500 amateurs to participate in the "Get Jinsha up and running" and following running activities. The competition was scheduled into two days, 50km Skyrunning competition was held on September 22nd, while the vertical race was held the next day, and male and female group was arranged separately for the two competitions.

Luo Tao and Yao Miao won the 50km men's and women's championship, and Bo Li and Yao Miao were the winners of the vertical race in the male and female group respectively.

China Skyrunner unveils second leg in Guizhou

Houshan Town of Jinsha County - one of the most popular places for outdoor mountain sports events

As the chosen place for the second round of Skyrunner, China 2018, Houshan Town, Jinsha County, boasts rich natural resources and cultural advantages. The Qian Zhuangfei Martyr Cemetery and exhibition room are listed as education base for national security and the patriotism education base in Guizhou, and Sanzhangshui Forest Park is awarded as the "provincial forest park". With the favorable climate, high content of negative oxygen ions, the forest coverage of 75%, here is an ideal place for summer recreation, recuperation, and it is known as the "emerald" in the Wujiang River Gallery, while the mountain is also the national base for outdoor mountain sports and leisure built by General Administration of Sport of China.

Encountering the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, the events including campfire party on Mid-Autumn Festival's Eve, "Get Jinsha up and running"-- Follow up running activity, and the camping activities attracted friends from all over the country.

China Skyrunner unveils second leg in Guizhou

Three types of track design with equal appeal

To give more opportunities to amateurs of skyrunning, three events were designed for the competition: 50km Skyrunning, 6km vertical race and 9km Experiencing event. The three events all started from the Zhuangfei square in Houshan Town, Jinsha County. Participants in the 50km Skyrunning would climb over 2400m passing through Sanzhangshui Forest Park, Tianling Temple and Wujiang "Gallery", Kenchi Valley, Nachu River and etc.; participants in the 6km vertical race would climb over 400m, passing through Xingguang County, Baolin and then reaching Dacuohuanxi; and the experiencing event was designed for the amateurs of cross-country running, and participants would climb over 360m in the race distance of 9km to enjoy running.

China Skyrunner unveils second leg in Guizhou

Authority and professional staff would guide the competition

It is worth mentioning that in order to help all running amateurs feel the charm of outdoor sports, Chinese Mountaineering Association, Bijie Municipal People's Government, Jinsha County People's Government and other local departments joined forces to provide professional guidance and resources for the preparation, holding and maintenance of the race. The manpower and material support guaranteed the smooth progress of this competition.

Jinsha County is renowned as the mini version of charming Guizhou province, and the Skyrunning is the combination of power and beauty, which provides runners with the chance to get close to the nature and challenge themselves. The integration of natural beauty and charm of sports is believed to give every participant in this competition an impressive and unforgettable experience. By far, the competition of the Skyrunner 2018 has two rounds left, one in Songyang and the other one in Jiangshan, friends who would like to experience the joy of running could follow our official account on Wechat: Skyrunner, China, and sign in for the upcoming events.

This event is organized by Chinese Mountaineering Association, Sport Administration of Guizhou province and Bijie municipal government; undertaken by Mountain Outdoor Sports Management Center of Guizhou province, Mountaineering Association of Guizhou province, Sport Administration of Bijie, Sports and Broadcasting and News Bureau of Bijie City, Bijie Tourism Development committee, and Jinsha The people's Government; co-organized by Jinsha County Culture, Sports, Radio, Television, and Tourism Bureau, Jinsha Tourism Development Office, and Houshan town Jinsha County the People's Government; exclusively operated by Beijing Lewei cultural communication Co., Ltd.

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