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Updated: 2018-10-09

What they say 
The city of Guiyang is endowed not only with beautiful scenery but also with hospitable people. The buildings scattered around the city are physical examples of the green development mode, which is in line with the environmental-protection principles. Guiyang should become a model green city that a group of ASEAN members including Cambodia can learn from. The Cambodian government has also formulated a white paper in terms of tourism, in the hope of providing better service to Chinese tourists. Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a worldwide well-known historical site, is expecting your visits.

Thong Khon, Cambodian minister of tourism

What they say

It is a good choice to make this event (2018 ASEAN "the Belt and Road" Tourism Culture Exchange Week) happen in Guizhou. The Malaysian government and the Guizhou provincial government exchanged their opinions and learned from each other regarding how to build up an appropriate tourism promotion model.

There will be a series of opportunities for cooperation between the two sides in the future, which will definitely promote a win-win situation. Following the establishment of ASEAN-Guizhou (Guiyang) Tourism Culture Promotion Center, Malaysia, as a member of ASEAN, will actively participate in the activities to promote the tourism sector between the two sides.

Dato Zainuddin Yahya, ambassador of Malaysia to China

What they say
The number of Japanese tourists to China has been increasing in recent years, which has actively promoted the exchanges between the two countries in the tourism sector. The key step to opening up the Chinese tourism market is to attract the attention of Japanese tourists. One of the targets is Japanese women, especially those between the ages of 20 and 29 who travel frequently. Therefore, shopping and catering products should be developed in accordance with their appetite. The other target is elderly people. One of the ways to attract the elderly tourists is to make the facilities at the scenic spots more customized and cozy, so as to give them better traveling service.

Masataka Fujita, secretary-general of ASEAN-Japan Center

What they say
This year is the 15th anniversary of building relations between China and ASEAN. In the past 15 years, the China-ASEAN relation has been enhanced, political trust has been strengthened, economic and trade cooperation has become more fluent and personnel exchanges have become more frequent. According to last year's statistics, the trade volume between China and ASEAN members exceeded 500 billion yuan ($72.21 billion). Tourism cooperation between China and ASEAN is showing a good perspective in all-round development.

Chen Dehai, secretary-general of ASEAN-China Center

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