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Taiwan journalists visit Guizhou big data center

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Updated: 2018-10-10

The Guizhou Comprehensive Pilot Area Exhibition Center in Guiyang, the first national big data comprehensive experimental area, recently invited journalists from Taiwan to learn more about the development of big data in Guizhou province.

The center was established in 2014 and covers an area of 4,300 square meters. Guiyang is an inland city with a mild climate and infrequent earthquakes, making it ideal for a such a large data center.

A chief concern among the journalists was data security. According to Xiao Geng, spokesman for the center, the data sharing platform divides data into cloud sharing, conditional sharing and unconditional sharing.

Taiwan journalists visit Guizhou big data center
Guizhou Comprehensive Pilot Area Exhibition Center. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

The conditional form of sharing will clean, process and mask the data in order to hide personal information. Internet security measures enacted in 2016 and 2017 further upgraded the security level of the center, which has attracted the participation of 17 government departments.

Wang Peiyi, a journalist from Eastern Broadcasting Co, is impressed by the achievements Guizhou has made in advanced technology, especially the targeted poverty alleviation function of the center, which can both help low income people and prevent people from finding loopholes in the system.

In addition, the applications of big data in real economy, rural reconstruction, livelihood service and social governance are exhibited in the center to help visitors learn about the goals, measures and achievements of big data in Guizhou.

Taiwan journalists visit Guizhou big data center
Journalists watch the introduction video in the center. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

Taiwan journalists visit Guizhou big data center

Spokesman for the center introduces data security to the journalists. [Photo/todayguizhou.com]

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