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Guian government provides door-to-door services for companies

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Updated: 2018-11-09

In order to solve problems companies face during certificate applications, staff members of the Guian New Area administrative examination and approval bureau (government affairs service center) recently organized a field research activity at the site of the Gui'ao Shidai Square project in Huaxi University Town.

The Gui'ao Shidai Square project is a large commercial complex with over 100 restaurants, cinemas, and hotel companies. It is a major investment project in the new area.

The catering area on the first underground floor of the square will open to the public in March 2019. Over 30 companies will need to apply for a business license before this time. The government affairs service center will set up a service station at the square to provide assistance to companies.

Government staff members also introduced preferential policies on the business environment and company services, and will offer their full support to companies looking to set up shop at the square.

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