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Guiyang gears up on information infrastructure to develop China's Data Valley

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Updated: 2018-12-18

The city of Guiyang, known as China's Data Valley, is actively carrying out the construction of 5G test network and innovative application demonstration scenarios across the city, including in its high-tech zones of Guanshanhu district and Shubo Avenue ("Shubo" means "big data expo" in Chinese).

In recent years, Guiyang has been pulling out all its stops to accelerate the pace of fiber-optic broadband and 4G development to create a "wireless Guiyang" and facilitate urban 5G pilot demonstration construction.

Guiyang actively promotes the broadband China demonstration project, implements the "optical network city construction" project and is focused on speeding up the pace of urban and rural fiber transformation.

At present, the penetration rate of broadband users of 8 Mbps and above has reached 100 percent in Guiyang and the city's urban households. The 50 Mbps and above broadband access capacity has also hit 100 percent. The broadband access capacity of rural households for 12 Mbps and above is 100 percent.

In Guiyang, the fiber and 4G network coverage has reached 100 percent for administrative villages and more than 20 households in ordinary villages, accounting for 87 percent.

The total length of optical cable lines in the city exceeds 190,000 kilometers, and the bandwidth of the national internet backbone network has been increased from 1500 Gbps at the end of 2013 to 8060 Gbps today.

As the first public free Wi-Fi city in China, Guiyang has had nearly 4,500 "outdoor + indoor" AP hotspots across the city, including Longdongbao International Airport, high-speed railway stations and some tourist attractions. So far, the hotspot has received 8.115 million visits.

Guiyang is continuing to strengthen its network security by issuing a series of legal documents. The city has successfully held big data and cyber security offensive and defensive drills for three consecutive years.

Guiyang gears up on information infrastructure to develop China's Data Valley

The first commercial 5G base station in Guizhou province opens in the capital city of Guiyang on Nov 12. [Photo/www.gog.cn]

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