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Wage default companies, individuals to be blacklisted in Guizhou

( Xinhua )

Updated: 2019-01-02

Southwest China's Guizhou Province has issued a regulation to blacklist companies and individuals who fail to pay migrant workers, local human resource authorities have said.

The wage defaulters will be subject to various restrictions and put on a blacklist, according to the regulation released last week by the provincial human resources and social security department.

The blacklisted employers will be named online, banned to attend bidding for government purchase and restricted to acquire any land supply from the government.

Individuals on the blacklist, if filed by the court, will be prohibited from high-end consumption and non-necessities of life and work, such as purchasing air tickets, first-class train seats or vehicles that are not for business purposes.

Migrant workers -- usually low-paid manual laborers -- often have to start chasing unpaid wages ahead of Lunar New Year after a whole year of hard work, because some companies are found reducing or withholding payment, prompting governments at all levels to take measures to help workers get their paychecks more easily.

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