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Advanced rib tumor excision carried out in Guizhou

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Updated: 2019-01-11

The thoracic surgery team at the Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital in Southwest China recently successfully completed a single-hole excision of a rib tumor with a thoracoscope. It is the first time this procedure has ever been performed anywhere in the world.

Due to chest pain, the 22-year-old patient took a chest CT scan and discovered a tumor on her sixth left rib. The patient then went to Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital in Guiyang to seek further medical advice.

Advanced rib tumor excision carried out in Guizhou

The thoracic surgery team at the People’s Hospital of Guizhou successfully performed the rib tumor excision surgery – the first time such a surgery has ever been performed. [Photo/gog.cn]

The hospital's thoracic surgery team decided to carry out a minimally invasive surgery with the help of a 3D model of human ribs to ensure the patient's safety and make the surgery as simple as possible, aiming to reduce pain and leave only a small scar after the surgery.

The team performed the surgery on the xiphoid process (the lower part of the long, flat bone in the center of the chest) with a thoracoscope, making use of the foramen singular operative method. The xiphoid process is easier to operate on than the lateral pectus, as it is easier to view and there is more space to access the bone.

The team that performed the surgery has five years of experience in thoracoscope surgeries and has refined its techniques to leave as small a scar as possible. Using this method, patients can leave the hospital in just three to four days after the surgery.

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