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Guizhou all-terrain vehicle to support Antarctic expedition

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Updated: 2019-10-08

Guizhou all-terrain vehicle to support Antarctic expedition
Jonyang's all-terrain vehicle gets ready to set off for the Antarctic. [Photo/gog.cn]

An all-terrain vehicle – the JY813B-R produced by Guizhou's Jonyang Kinetics Co - will join China's 36th expedition team to Antarctica on Oct 9.

It is the fifth time that Jonyang is contributing to China's Antarctic scientific research since 2015.

Compared with Jonyang's first generation of all-terrain vehicles, the JY813B-R has increased advantages with a strong power system, wear-resisting caterpilar belts, larger loading capacity and less noise.

Equipped with an air conditioning system, the vehicle provides comfort and safety for scientific researchers in extreme environments.

The company said its vehicle's transport capacity and adaptability to maneuver on land, water and complex terrains will meet the tasks for personnel and materials transportation, coastal waters, ice sheet and land exploration, as well as search and rescue of personnel and equipment.

The vehicle is expected to improve field working conditions, shorten travel times, as well as reduce risks during work posed by researcher fatigue.

The manufacturer said it was striving to develop more scientific research equipment suitable to the Antarctic's environment – as well as especially intelligent, environmentally friendly, high-speed and multifunctional high-end equipment for China's Antarctic expedition.

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