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90.54 percent of disabled people shake off poverty in Guizhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2020-06-17 Print

Since the implementation of poverty alleviation for the disabled in 2019, Southwest China's Guizhou province has issued 660 million yuan ($93.22 million) and various supporting policies.

Statistics show that among the 456,800 recorded low-income disabled people, 90.54 percent of them have shaken off poverty; 94.67 percent of the disabled children received education; over 95 percent of disabled people with certificates gained medical insurance; and 100 percent of the dilapidated houses belonging to disabled people were renovated.

In addition, 5,446 homes of severely disabled were equipped with accessibility facilities, 7,754 disabled families were relocated to public rental housing, 279,000 disabled people were recognized as subsistence allowance recipients in urban and rural areas, and 327,000 severely disabled people enjoyed nursing allowance.

To overcome poverty in 2020, Guizhou will investigate the problems faced by poverty alleviation for disabled people, implement poverty alleviation schemes with developing industries, promote targeted rehabilitation to help more people find employment, promote the development of special education, and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled people.

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