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Guizhou's government services rank among top three nationally

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2021-01-11 Print

During the 13 Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), Southwest China's Guizhou province streamlined administrative practices, delegated powers and improved regulations and services.

According to a recent third-party evaluation of the provincial government's online government service capabilities, Guizhou ranked among the top three provinces nationally for four years.

Guizhou has built a government affairs service system covering the provincial, municipal, prefecture, district, county and village levels. Guizhou's provincial government affairs service network covers 790,000 government affairs, and every village in the province now has a government affairs service station.

In the last five years, Guizhou connected 692 data interfaces of different government departments, launched 152 government data categories and collected 73.85 million pieces of electronic approval and certificate data.

By the end of 2020, all the government services at the provincial, municipal and county levels could be done online. During the past five years, Guizhou handled 170 million online government affairs applications.

So far, the processing time of all administrative license items has been shortened by 70 percent, and the actual processing time has been reduced by 81.8 percent. Also, the application materials required for each service item have been limited to less than three copies. The company registration time has been shortened to two workdays, and the approval time for construction projects has been shortened to less than 80 workdays.

In the next five years, Guizhou will continue providing convenient and efficient government affairs services both online and offline for companies and individuals and strive to create a first-class business environment in China.

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