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Epidemic prevention and control tips during Qingming Festival

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2021-03-31 Print

Though the new coronavirus pandemic is under control in China, there is still a risk of more infections as the Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day) holiday approaches. To prevent and control COVID-19, the Health Commission of Guizhou province released several tips for citizens.

People traveling to Guizhou for the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday who are from China's low-risk areas don't need to take nucleic acid tests or provide test certificates.

It is recommended that people under health surveillance who are suffering from a fever or respiratory infection symptoms of unknown cause should not participate in on-site worshipping activities.

People are not encouraged to organize or take part in mass worshipping activities and families are encouraged to choose representatives to participate in on-site worshipping activities.

People should strengthen personal protection, maintain a healthy lifestyle, wear masks when entering crowded or enclosed places (such as public transport and hospitals), use serving spoons and chopsticks, wash their hands regularly, ventilate spaces and practice safe social distancing.

Gatherings should be minimized to prevent cross infection. People should conduct worshipping activities in line with the pandemic prevention measures of related departments and follow staff guidance.

People are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which is the most economical and efficient way to prevent and control the novel coronavirus. The province has initiated free mass-inoculation work for people from 18 to 59 years of age.

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