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Guizhou approved to build Fanjing Mountain National Park

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-05-12 Print


Fanjing Mountain in Tongren is a World Natural Heritage site in Guizhou. [Photo/colorful Guizhou network]

The National Park Administration recently gave Southwest China's Guizhou province approval to start building Fanjing Mountain National Park.

Fanjing Mountain is located in Guizhou's Tongren city and is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

According to national regulations, a site must reach 10 out of 21 standards in order to apply to build a national park, while Fanjing Mountain Natural Reserve meets 18 standards, especially for its Fanjingshan fir and gray snub-nosed monkey endemic to Fanjing Mountain.

Guizhou will adhere to all national park construction standards by carrying out comprehensive local investigations, determining the boundaries and control zone, promoting construction systems and mechanisms, mediating contradictions and conflicts, strengthening environmental protection and restoration, establishing monitoring and supervision systems, strengthening publicity and popularization, and promoting coordinated development with neighboring areas.

In the future, Fanjing Mountain National Park is expected to become the most-strictly protected natural reserve in the world and focus on the protection of ecosystem integrity.

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