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Poly International Hot Spring


It is in beautiful Wudang district, surrounded by a forest belt with pleasant scenery, clean air, and convenient transportation, just a fifteen-minute ride from the downtown area and 20 minutes from the railway station and airport.

Wenchang Court


Wenchang Court was built in the 24th year of the Wanli emperor, during in the Ming (AD 1596) and sits to the east of Guiyang.It has unusual structures, with a triple layer, triple eaves, nine angles, and pavilion roofs.

Nanjiang Grand Canyon


The Nanjiang Grand Canyon scenic zone is in the middle of Guizhou, 39 kilometers from Guiyang, and 19 km from Kaiyang county.It is known as a World Karst Ecology Museum.It has karst formations, waterfalls and interesting ecology.

Qianling Park


Qianling Park, in the northwestern part of Guiyang, takes its name from Mount Qianling, which known as southern Guizhou's No 1 mountain. The park is covered with thick vegetation and old trees characteristic of the Guizhou Plateau.

Huaxi Park


This park is 17 km from Guiyang, in the suburbs, and is known for being exceptional beautiful, comfortable and clean in Guizhou province.It is the ideal leisure place for those who are busy in their workday lives.

Chishui Scenic Area


Chishui Scenic Area is a national scenic area located in Chishui city, northwest Guizhou province. This scenic area shows China's natural wonders at their best.

Zhijin Cavern


Zhijin Cavern, a fascinating three-layer karst cavern in Minzhai village, Zhijin county, is 23 kilometers northeast of the county proper.

Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Spot


Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Spot is located in Libo county, southern Guizhou, covering an area of about 273 square kilometers.

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