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Baijiu makers see revenues rise on strong middle-class demand


China's consumer staples stocks, led by makers of the fiery Chinese liquor, are helping drive stock gains this year as sales prospects get rosier.

Government invests in handicrafts industry


The province has carried out a series of measures to help the local ethnic people improve their living conditions.

IFC to boost its VC investment in innovation startups


International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, will increase its venture capital investments in China's innovative startups sector next year.

Guizhou and Huawei deepen cooperation in information technologies


Guizhou province and Huawei held a meeting on Dec 22 to look for further cooperation opportunities in terms of software development, cloud computing, and big data.

Investment helps 10 million people rise from poverty


China has lifted more than 10 million rural residents out of poverty this year with a record-breaking investment of 100 billion yuan ($14.4 billion) in government funds, and it plans to pull another 10 million people out of poverty next year.

Guizhou lands 25b yuan-worth of tourism investment


A string of new investment projects look set to invigorate Guizhou province over the next few years.

Guiyang has high hopes for Internet Plus industries


Guiyang government has released a five-year plan for Internet Plus industries.

Guizhou brings about 124b yuan CMI projects


Provincial authorities in Guizhou arranged a conference to attract businesses and investment related to civil-military integration (CMI) in Guiyang on Aug 8.

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