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Miao Bridge Worship Festival held in Guizhou


People of the Miao ethnic group held the Bridge Worship Festival on Feb 27 in Guizhou to pray to the ancient god of bridges for good fortune in the coming months.

Intangible cultural heritages bloom among Danyang students


Intangible cultural heritages are seeing a renaissance in Danyang county, Guizhou province as the local authorities have exerted efforts to promote them among students in recent years.

Yi people's 'oriental tap dance'


Known as the "oriental tap dance", A Mei Qi Tuo is a unique dance of the Yi ethnic group in Guizhou province.

Horsetail embroidery of Sui people


Sandu Sui autonomous county in Guizhou province is most well-known for its unique traditional craft – horsetail embroidery.

Medicated baths for Yao ethnic group


The Yao people in remote Gaohua village, Congjiang county, use a special, unique bathing that keeps them clean and healthy in a challenging environment.

Women from diverse ethnic groups showcase embroidery skills


One hundred talented embroiderers demonstrated their skills on Nov 19 at an embroidery competition in Congjiang county, Guizhou province.

Congjiang holds first Miao song contest


Congjiang county in Guizhou province held its first ever contest for songs of the Miao ethnic group on Nov 17.

Beijing residents experience Miao cultural feast


Beijingers were able to experience original Miao culture in the capital as a Miao lifestyle exhibition opened from Nov 3 to 6.

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