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Tradition under fire in rural village


Like his father, Jia Shengxiang makes his living with a gun. His father used the weapon for hunting; Jia fires it during performances for tourists.

Changes bring prosperity to Dong people


The dull thud of wooden mallets striking cloth punctured the gentle calm of the village. Men sat on wooden benches grinning at passing strangers, while old women, dressed in traditional Dong costumes of deepest blue and with combs tucked into their buns, cooed gently at the babies sleeping on their backs, secured by colorful ribbons and blankets tied at the waist and shoulder.

Anshun Di Opera


Guizhou's Anshun city is home to the special culture Dixi opera, also known as Di Opera.Guizhou's Anshun city is home to the special culture Dixi opera, also known as Di Opera. The opera dates back more than 600 years to the beginning of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Charm of Dong music displayed at live performance in Beijing


The musical play Ga Lao of the Dong ethnic group was performed in Beijing on Sept 3.

Rich symbols of ethnic culture


A handicraft show at the National Art Museum of China is displaying pieces of fabric.

Qishuping: Guizhou's only Qiang village


Today the village is home to some 289 Qiang people all sharing the family name of Hu.Qishuping sits upon the eastern face of the mountain at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.

Stand up for the Miao dragon canoe festival


The Dragon Canoe Festival is held 20 days after the more commonly-known Dragon Boat Festival, in Guizhou’s Taijing county.

Married women return home for long table feast


Thousands of married women gathered for a traditional long table feast in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture on June 11.

Ethnic Culture
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